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You don't really seem to be a bad animator. There are a few things to point out.
1) Try your best (that seems to not be a problem)
2) When you are basing something on a game, like mario, try to make it porportional to the actual game.
3)If it makes u laugh, chances are others will laugh too.
4) Do your research, like I found out that there are some bloopers done a hundred times, aka mushrooms.
5) Make it look more appealing.

If you just do these things, then u will be fine. Just keep trying and pretty soon, you will be getting high 2's or low 3's! ;-)


that was funny. I was thinkin that at first it was gonna be retarded, but it just wasn't. Anyway, half way it started, I started to tear up cuz i remembered the hundreds of hours wasted when I was younger and when i enjoyed the sound tracks. But yeah I dont think anyone else thought of this

The Best

I just love FF and anything that has to do with it. I think that you did a fantasic job and I want to see more! I liked it alot, thought it was funny, and not alot of violence!.....poor mickey though...o well who cares! Good job again!

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I liked how u used friction to stop pacman from moving in the same direction, but other than that i didnt like it. pacman's mouth wasnt smooth and the music was a little annoying

at least someone had the balls

thanx i like the fact that u, like most of the others, hate the fact that they do that. I mean damn thats too easy of blam points like u said....at that rate i could have 300 free blam points in 2 weeks if i stayed on long enough. And if u want, u should do a remake of this and talk about the dummies that resumbit their crap! Good job you got balls

Froggy257 responds:

check my profile, i started it recently, i'm on around 220 blams/protects in 9 days


I been blamming alot of recent entries, thanx dude u did a great job! the only thing i didnt like about it is that it needs background music.... yeah but great job again!

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good job, if anyone hates this song, they are crazy

Joshy676 responds:

I'm quite offended by your review. Crazy people are people too.

Nah, I'm just kidding. Thanks for the review.

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